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Jayco Newcastle Hints & Tips – Tyres

- The wheels & tyres on your RV are very important and need to be checked every day before you travel. The tyres should be run at around 42psi depending on the load in your van; the more load the more tyre pressure you need with a maximum of 50psi. Camper & smaller vans can run at lower pressures if your RV is too hard & bouncy. The minimum recommended pressure is 35psi.

- You should visually inspect the tyres daily before you travel, check the tread for uneven wear and also check the side walls inside & out for damage from curbs and potholes.

- Your new Jayco Caravan or RV may have Nitrogen filed tyres. Nitrogen offers many benefits over using plain compressed air to fill your tyres. While the benefits may seem small, they can add up to a 2 to 3% saving in fuel usage and less tyre wear which saves you money and goes a little way to helping reduce global CO² emissions. Using Nitrogen does not remove or reduce the need to check tyre pressures as the risk of a puncture or slow leak is not altered. Nitrogen cannot replace regular tyre maintenance. Regardless of what inflation gas is used, maximum tyre life will only be achieved if the vehicle and tyres are properly maintained.

- Nitrogen can be sourced from your local Jax Tyres, Bob-Jane T-Mart and Bridgestone outlets.

Note: For Jayco RVs that have wind up spare wheel carriers: The wheel has its face up towards the floor of the RV so that rocks & dirt can not damage the face of the wheel. When you need to check spare pressure you will need to wind down the wheel & check tyre pressures.

If you have any questions about your Jayco tyres, please contact the Jayco Newcastle Service Department from Monday - Friday using the details below: