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Jayco Newcastle Hints & Tips – Slideout Operation

Slide Out Operation

A lot of full size RVs now have slideouts and some even have dual slideouts. These operate off the battery inside your RV with an in/out push button switch.

Depending on your RV and its layout, the slideout switch is located in one of your

panels and looks like this:

Operating: To operate your slideout first lift up the foot end of your bed and push& hold the out switch until the slide out stops moving then release the switch. To bring the slideout back in, lift the foot end of the bed (ENSURE there is nothing under the bed that will catch or get squashed by the slideout moving in) then press and hold the in switch until the slideout has moved all the way in and stops.

You will need to keep the slide out cleaned and lubricated for it to operate smoothly. To clean the slideout run it out (as above) and wash the side walls and rubber seal with a high silicone vehicle wash (CT18 truck wash is recommended). When you have the slideout washed, you can spray the rubber seals, side walls and gear tracks with silicone spray to keep them sliding smooth. We recommend silicone spray as dirt and grit will not stick to the sprayed parts.

Manual Override: Locate the circuit/control board, (usually under the bed) - Press the “mode button” six times quickly, then press a seventh time and hold for approximately five seconds - The red and green LED lights will begin to flash, confirming the unit is in the override mode - Release the mode button.

Manually Push Slide Out: Once the unit is in manual mode (as above) - Unplug both motors from the bottom of the circuit/control board (this will release the motor brake) - Push or pull the slideout room in the desired direction -

NOTE: larger rooms may require several people to move the slideout - Keep both sides of room relatively even when manually moving the room - when the room is completely in re-plug both motors back into the circuit/control board (this applies the motor brake for travel).

NOTE - once you have done a manual override we recommend you contact your nearest Jayco service agent to have the

slideout inspected & reset.

If you have any questions about using the slideout in your Jayco, please contact the Jayco
Newcastle service team Monday - Friday using the details below: