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Jayco Newcastle Hints & Tips – Hot Water Service

When you are staying in a caravan park you should run your hot water system on electric.

After plugging in your Caravan or RV it takes approximately 12 to 15 minutes for the water to heat up and
it will then keep heating up until you disconnect.

-Electric switch - switch on if using 240V - located inside the unit on the exterior of your RV

-Ensure the 240 power point is plugged in and turned on

If you are free camping you will need to switch the system to gas;
1. Turn on your gas bottle.
2. Locate your gas hot water switch (See image) – Normally located in the top cupboard on the
roadside of your RV.
3. Turn on the switch and red light will show until gas ignites then red light will go out.

Remember when you have finished with the hot water turn it off to preserve your gas supply.