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Jayco Newcastle Hints & Tips – Fridges

If your fridge is a 3-way fridge you will not hear it running. Turn it on and wait a
couple of hours. Test it by placing your hand on the bottom of the freezer and
you will feel it getting cold. It is always a good idea to turn the fridge to 240
power a day or two before you plan to leave.

Some other things to check:

* Check that it is plugged into the power point.
* Check that you have gas in the bottles if running on gas.
* Ensure that the Caravan or RV is level across and from length to length.

If your fridge is not working on gas:
* Ensure your gas bottles are full.
* Ensure the bottle tap is fully open.
* Ensure the green selector valve is pointing to the gas bottle that you have
just opened.
* If the fridge is still not working on gas, push the gauge on the gas fuse
(located on top of your gas bottle) down 3 – 4 times to prime the gas
pipeline to your fridge.
* Turn gas on at fridge (not on full ¼ to ½ way)
* It is working if heat is coming out of the top vent outside of the RV.

* Check that the tap under the RV is not closed.

* Draw gas through lines at stove top




If you have any questions about the fridge in your Jayco, please contact the Jayco
Newcastle service team Monday - Friday using the details below: