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Jayco Newcastle Hints & Tips – Control Panels

The drifter panel has a number of gauges to show you what is happening
inside your RV’s different systems.

The drifter panel is controlled by the battery switch, located on the top right
hand side. This will turn the panel ON & is also the battery isolator switch for
the whole RV. Below that is the home button (used for programming the drifter),
the back light button, then the water pump switch is located on the bottom
right hand side, this will only pump water from your tanks if they are full.

On the screen there are a few things to be aware of - Time (top left) - Temp.
(top right) in the mid-screen row - Charge state showing current flowing in
(charging) current flowing out (discharging-what your RV is using).

Estimated battery charge status and the estimated time to discharge - Level
indication of up to 4 water tanks including 1 waste indicator.

If it is not working correctly, the drifter control panel can be reset by carefully
removing it from the metal housing & unplugging the wire block from the rear of
the panel for 30 seconds.

If you do not think your water levels are showing accurately, try resetting the
control panel as per above.

Note - the battery switch must be on when you are travelling if you want your
RV to be charging the battery.

If you have any questions about the drifter panel you should contact the Jayco
Newcastle service team using the details below: