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Jayco Newcastle Hints & Tips – Jayco Camper Trailer Setup

Camper Set Up:

1.Wind down the stabiliser legs.

2.Unlatch the roof clamps.

3.Winch up /undo the bed flies and awning.

4.Pull the beds out and put the support legs in place.

5.Ensure the canvas Velcro is attached.

6.Attach the top of the door.

7.Put up safety poles.

8.To pack the camper away, simply reverse this procedure.


Tip: Use your shoulder to help put the poles in on the beds

and then put the poles under the mattress.


Note: Do not pull beds out or push beds in unless the roof

is fully raised as this can tear the canvas or vinyl.

If you have any questions about your Jayco Camper Trailer, please contact the Jayco Newcastle Service Department from Monday - Friday using the details below: