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Jayco Newcastle Hints & Tips – Gas Operation

Gas Fuse with Level Indicator

If you have an issue with your gas level indicator you may need to have a gas plumber check it. The fuse must be fitted directly to the gas bottle before the regulator. To get gas to flow to your RV turn the gas bottle on to the selector valve to the open bottle, then press the gas fuse gauge down 2-3 times to prime the system.

This item serves a few functions:

  1. The fuse will show you if you have a gas leak. Before you use your RV gas, prime the system as above then watch the gauge - if it slowly falls down then you have a gas leak & will need to get the RV checked by a licenced gas plumber. If the gauge stays in one place then you are good to you your vans gas system.
  1. It is a safety fuse that will cut off the gas flow if there is a major leak anywhere is the gas system, when you are using the gas.
  1. Is a level indicator for your gas bottle.

NOTE - All new Jayco’s gas systems are tested and certified in the factory, there are no laws that say you have to get your gas system checked, but Jayco Newcastle recommend that you visually check all pipes under your RV on a regular basis for damage. We also recommend you get a qualified gas plumber to inspect every 5 years.


If you smell gas or suspect that anything is not working with your gas system, turn the gas off and immediately get it checked by a licenced gas plumber.

Gas Operation

On your new caravan or RV, gas is used to run three of the burners on your stove and the grill/ oven. As well as this it is an
alternate power to operate your three way fridge and if your van has one the hot water service while not on 240Vs.

Your RV depending on model will be fitted with one or two gas bottles, also depending on model the van could be fitted
with an Australian standard gas fuse.

Lets look at a few scenarios.

All bottles have an open and close wheel mounted on top of the bottles to turn on and off. However ensure the valve is in the closed position for travel or when in storage.
If fitted with two bottles there will be a valve that can be turned to face the bottle you intend to use. When one bottle is empty simply turn the valve to face the other full bottle to continue operation. When possible have the empty bottle filled and replace in bottle holder frame ready for the next cycle.

If one bottle is fitted simply use until empty remove and have filled so operation can continue.
If fitted with a gas fuse to begin operation it is as simple as turning the valve to open and then place you hand on the dial and pump the dial downwards three to four times. It is good practice to do this as soon as you arrive on site so in the unlikely even of a leak you would smell it as soon as you enter the RV.

If a leak is detected turn the gas off at the bottle and contact a Jayco dealer who will refer you to a registered gas agent to rectify the problem.

What happens if you smell gas? Immediately check that the stove is not on and check that the gas fittings are tight. If you cannot find a simple leak it is important to get a certified plumber to check it immediately. Leaking gas in a caravan could cause death and could be an explosion hazard.

Regulator & Tap

The gas regulator is a pressure control valve for your Caravan or RV’s gas system. On top of the regulator is a selector valve so you can choose what gas bottle you want to draw your gas from, the valve will face the bottle you are connected to & drawing from.

If you have any questions about using gas in your Jayco, please contact the Jayco
Newcastle service team Monday - Friday using the details below: