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The Jayco Difference

A Jayco RV is built to give you years of enjoyment at great value for money.
Here are nine reasons why Jayco is the right choice.

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Better Value

Every model Jayco comes equipped
with standard features that other
brands offer only as options. Buying
power is the key—nearly one in two
RVs on Australian roads carries our
name. We’re also the nation’s most
efficient RV manufacturer. By passing
on the benefits of these production
advantages, we ensure Jayco remains
Australia’s best value for money RV.

Most respected warranty

The Jayco 2/5 year warranty is our
promise that the RV you purchase will
be free from poor workmanship and
material defects. Regarded as the
industry benchmark, it lets you relax on
your travels, safe in the knowledge that
Australia’s largest RV dealer and service
network has you covered.

JTECH Suspension

Developed after an extensive two year testing program covering thousands of kilometres on second class roads, JTECH suspension has been designed specifically to keep your Jayco strong and safe under harsh Australian conditions. Delivering greater stability, a smoother ride, more precise handling and increased ground clearance without increased ride height, it makes towing easier than ever before.

Jayco Tough Frame

The tough, vacuum-bonded frame on premium Jayco RVs consists of five major ingredients, which makes it superior compared to conventional aluminium cladded RVs. A body shell constructed using fibreglass, polypropylene and polystyrene foam gives our vans better strength, lightness and insulation.

Jayco Endurance Chassis

Described by independent testers as the clever chassis, our hot dipped galvanised Endurance Chassis offers superior strength coupled with a smart, lightweight design. PSC members that support the floor are stronger yet lighter than inferior box section steel. The chassis is galvanised for long life while pressed holes offer protection for under-floor wiring and plumbing.

Most reliable power

Made specifically for Jayco, the Setec power converter is Australian-designed and constructed for reliable power supply in remote areas. This built-in fused power converter provides a safe 12V supply from 240V mains and delivers generous lighting on either 240V or 12V supply. When only 12V power is available, the unit is self-sensing and no switching is required.

3 years' roadside assist

Every new Jayco RV comes with one
feature that no other RV manufacturer
can match— complimentary 24-hour
Roadside Assist for three full years. No
matter where you travel in Australia,
as a Jayco owner, you’re only ever a
phone call away from the help you need
in the event of an on road emergency.
Please refer to for
more information.

Nationwide Support

With more than 100 approved service
centres nationwide, the Jayco support
network is easily the best and most
comprehensive in Australia. No matter
where the road takes you, the expertise
or spare parts you need are never
far away.

Great resale value

As you travel life’s journey your needs
may change. Your growing family may
outgrow your current RV. Or you may
retire and want to upgrade before
embarking on the big trip you’ve always
dreamed about. Whatever your reason
for selling, you’ll find a Jayco holds
its value.

Jayco Buyer’s Guide

Download our Buyer's Guide for essential questions and a handy checklist that will save you money and help you choose the right RV.

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